4 historical monuments and sites in Mexico

In Mexico, there is no shortage of historical monuments that tell the story of the country’s culture. The cool thing is that they are spread across several Mexican states, so wherever you go, there is a chance to visit one of these monuments and historical sites. If you’re planning your trip to Mexico, you can already put some of these on your list of sites to visit.

Monument to the Revolution

Well known in Mexico, this building has the largest triumphal arch in the world at 67 metres. It was built to commemorate the Mexican Revolution and is located in Mexico City’s Republic Square, very easy to recognise. Today it is also a mausoleum, housing the remains of two of Mexico’s leading actors Pancho Villa and Venustiano Carranzo.


Located in the state of Chiapas, Palenque contains one of the best examples of architecture produced by the Maya. It is an archaeological site with ruins that form more than 500 buildings with an extension of over 15 km. One of the most extraordinary anecdotes is that the Mayan civilisation of Palenque was led by a woman. In one of the temples, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets were found, as well as a mask and a diadem. Because Chiapas is further from the capital, Mexico City and the Caribbean are less frequented by tourists. But perhaps one of the most interesting and beautiful.


This is one of the main tourist sites in Mexico mainly because it is easy to reach. As it is located only 48 kilometres from the capital, Mexico City, it is very accessible by bus. Teotihuacan was an important urban centre in pre-Columbian times and is now considered by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. Here you will find the fabulous Pyramids of the Sun and Moon and also.

Monument of the Angel of Independence

The Angel of Independence is located on Avenida Paseo in central Mexico. It stands out on the avenue for having a quadrangular shape and bronze statues at the ends symbolising Leia, Justice, War and Peace.

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