A comprehensive guide to your trip to Cuba

After struggling with a US trade embargo for 50 years, new times look promising for Cuba, which finally seems to be part of the global trading community. A trip to Cuba can mean one of the most incredible experiences of your life learning more about the country, the people and their culture.

Where to stay in Cuba

Cuban homes is the perfect place to immerse yourself in authentic Cuban culture. In fact, Cuba offers a different type of accommodation, which gives a more authentic view of the country, while contributing to the local economy. Cuban houses are legally licensed options run by locale residents. Hostels offer real doses of Cuban life, giving you the chance to live like a local. Keep an eye out for the symbolic blue anchor painted in front of the houses when you visit Cuba.

Nothing beats a walk through Havana’s old centre

Old Havana is the kind of place where you can get lost for days on end. So the best thing for a traveller is to wander aimlessly through its streets. On your visits through Havana, you will find a variety of curious buildings in all shapes, many of which are in a state of disrepair. You will also hear powerful Afro-Caribbean rhythms echoing through the boulevards and crystallising in beautiful graffiti murals. Nowhere is this combination more perfect than Callejón de Hamel. Prepare to immerse yourself in a city that exudes a sense of stepping back in time, with classic 1950s cars decorating the backdrop of vintage architecture.

A real pedestrian market on one of Varadero’s beaches

A trip to Cuba isn’t legitimate without a stop in Varadero. Soak up the warm Caribbean sun on the fine, light sandy beaches and visit the curious itineraries that Varadero has to offer. If you want to learn more about Cuban history, visit some of the old settlers’ homes, many of which have been turned into museums. Varadero is also an adventurer’s paradise, with many rare caves, caverns and rainforests unique to the region. If that’s not enough, you can always follow in the footsteps of the legendary Al Capone and wander through some of the resorts where the gangster once lived.

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