Northern Lights: the best places to see and photograph this phenomenon

There is no other natural phenomenon as fascinating as the resplendent dance of the Northern Lights. From the remote islands of Scotland to the snowy plains of Greenland to Alaska, below are the best places to see the Northern Lights in the world.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

At a latitude of 65 degrees, Fairbanks lies just below the « oval dawn », the hottest view of the Northern Lights. Head to Cleary Peak on a moonless night for an absolutely epic neon green light show. Or head to peaceful Denali National Park for a more private experience. It’s also possible to see the lights and take photos of the Northern Lights by taking a hot bath in the thermal waters of Chena Hot Springs, or in the snowy fields of Nunivak Island. The best time to see the aurora is between August and April, but it is advisable to plan your trip in March and take advantage of the longer but slightly less icy days.

Tromso, Norway

For the past 25 years, the Northern Lights have been celebrated in style at the Northern Lights Festival. This music festival took place in the last week of January and promotes high quality music for six consecutive days, against the backdrop of the wonderful lights of the Norwegian Northern Lights. The programme ranges from jazz to classical music, with excellent bands playing under natural light like few others. A perfect combination to be able to take pictures of the Northern Lights in Norway and remember this very special day later. On cloudy days, it is possible to see an artificial version of the Northern Lights inside the University of Tromsø’s museum. If you are in town, explore Tromsø’s polar history and be sure to take a cable car ride to enjoy the magnificent view.

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